Check out some of the projects I have worked on in the past!

DragonKeep Website


DragonKeep is an application with the aim to improve the Dungeons and Dragons experience by reducing the bookkeeping tedium that can get in the way of having fun. By providing the tools to manage the essentials of a D&D campaign: characters, parties, and inventories, DragonKeep lets players and Dungeon Masters spend less time messing with pen-and-paper sheets, giving them more opportunity to focus on and engage with the narrative of the game.

This project was built for my software engineering 2 class, with a team of seven other students. Each group member was given tasks based on interest and previous experience. My roles for this project were focused on documentation, Trello workflow management, and code review. The project was built using various technoligies, such as Flutter, which allowed us to create the user interface for iOS, Android, and Desktop, and AWS Lambda and DynamoDB, for a simple RESTful, serverless backend.

Gesture Drawing Github Page

Gesture Based Drawing

Gesture Based Drawing is an Android app that allows users to draw pictures on the screen using their finger. Users can choose from various colors and can either free-draw, or use simple gestures to create perfect shapes. For example, when a user wants to draw a circle, they select the circle mode and draw a rough circle. The application will then automatically correct the circle by finding the center of the points drawn, and draw a circle that reaches to the outermost point.

The app was built based on a tutorial by Sylvain Saurel that explained how to build a free-drawing Android app. We then implemented the shape drawing functionality using gestures that are similar to those used in Microsoft Paint. The app was built for my Human-Computer Interaction 2 class, with one other group member contributing to the codebase.